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  • Anglais From these hands

    Steve Mccurry

    A new collection of photographs from award-winning photographer, Steve McCurry, featuring previously unpublished images taken while on assignment to coffee-growing communities around the world.

    From the foothills of the Andes to the slopes of Kilimanjaro, vibrant full-colour images document the realities of life for the people working at the source of this familiar commodity.

    Far-ranging photographs from Colombia, Honduras, Peru, Brazil, Ethiopia, Tanzania, India and Vietnam include portraits of children, workers and everyday community life, alongside stunning natural landscapes.

    Steve McCurry is one of Phaidon's best-selling photographers and one of the most admired and well-represented photojournalists working today. This book will be a widely sought-after addition to his popular body of work.

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  • The Unguarded Moment showcases 75 photographs that define the work of renowned documentary photographer Steve McCurry.
    Each image collected here bears witness to a unique encounter, an 'unguarded moment,' in which McCurry captures his subjects at their most unselfconscious. Depicting the everyday lives of people from myriad countries and cultures, these stunning reproductions pay tribute to McCurry's enduring fascination with the individual - and this new paperback edition brings this unforgettable work to a new generation of aspiring globetrotters.

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  • Anglais India

    Steve Mccurry

    The essence of India - magical, intense, contradictory - through the lens of Steve McCurry, one of the most admired photographers working today.
    - This book is a sought-after addition to Steve McCurry's popular body of work comprising emotive and beautiful photographs from India - Features a vast range of colour pictures illustrating this most colourful of countries, reproduced in a large format with captions, accompanied by an introductory essay from William Dalrymple, author of The Last Mughal, Return of a King and other bestselling works on India

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  • Young or old, rich or poor, engaged in the sacred or the secular, people everywhere read. This homage to the beauty and seductiveness of reading brings together a collection of photographs taken by Steve McCurry over his nearly four decades of travel and is introduced by award-winning writer, Paul Theroux. McCurry's mesmerizing images of the universal human act of reading are an acknowledgement of - and a tribute to - the overwhelming power of the written word.

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  • Anglais Looking east

    Steve Mccurry

    This portfolio contains a selection of the best and most poignant portraits by Steve McCurry, a photographer known and loved the world over for his beautiful and enduring images of the landscapes and people of South and Southeast Asia. The collection includes iconic as well as lesser-known portraits of children, monks, pilgrims, wanderers, and migrants that McCurry has encountered on his journeys throughout Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Pakistan, and Tibet.

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  • Now in paperback and re-sized for easy reading, Steve McCurry: Untold is the only book to tell the fascinating stories behind McCurry's most iconic photographs. It explores the travels, methods, and magic behind his evocative photographs, delving deep into the true stories behind McCurry's most important assignments for National Geographic and beyond, including his introduction to the now-legendary 'Afghan Girl'.
    Each story includes McCurry's first-hand account alongside specially commissioned essays, ephemera, and personal photographs from his private archive.

    Key Selling Points - The only book to reveal the research, experiences, and events behind some of Steve McCurry's most celebrated images - Features beautiful reproductions of McCurry's photographs spanning a broad range of themes and subjects - Includes ephemera such as snapshots, journal extracts, maps, newspaper clippings, and more - A living biography of one of the most imaginative documentary photographers working today - More than 50,000 copies of the hardback edition sold worldwide and it was translated into seven languages and became an international bestseller

  • Anglais The path to Buddha

    Steve Mccurry

    Tibet has suffered extreme political turmoil and upheaval over the last 50 odd years. Occupied in 1950, Red Guards destroyed thousands of official buildings and holy places during the Cultural Revolution, and religious freedom and traditional education are still severely under threat.

    Due to the strength of Tibetan faith in Buddha, in the Dalai Lama, and against the odds, many buildings have been reconstructed, their devotion and belief remain extraordinarily strong. Buddhism permeates every aspect of a Tibetan's life, whether living in Tibet or in exile in Nepal, India or the United States.

    A magnificent and time-stopping work, The Path to Buddha is divided into five parts, in which we see the monks in animated discussion, meditation and prayer; and we follow the devout believers on their arduous journeys to prayer. The two main chapters are interspersed with sections of portraits of this proud and dignified people whose own innate sense of their own being can be seen in the simplest of things, such as the way they dress and adorn themselves.

  • D'un éléphant appuyant tendrement sa tête contre l'arbre où s'est perché son maître, à un chien conduit parmi les ruines de Kaboul à l'arrière d'un vélo, les images de Steve McCurry racontent mille histoires, chacune porteuse d'une leçon d'humanité. Le célèbre photographe et journaliste présente ses photos d'animaux préférées dans une collection kaléidoscopique balayant la planète de l'Asie aux Caraïbes, des États- Unis à l'Afrique de l'Est.