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  • Anglais Paul Smith

    Tony Chambers

    A timely celebration of British design legend Sir Paul Smith and his one-of-a-kind creativity.

    This new monograph captures the unique spirit of British fashion icon Sir Paul Smith through 50 objects chosen by Sir Paul himself for the inspiration they have provided him over the years - from a wax plate of spaghetti and a Dieter Rams radio to a Mario Bellini Cab chair and a bicycle seat. Each object has impacted his worldview, his creative process, and his adherence to a design approach that's always imbued with distinctly British wit and eccentricity.

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  • The most in-depth exploration of one of the most important, innovative, and creative architecture practices working today.

    For the last twenty years Studio Gang, led by Jeanne Gang, has created buildings that, while spectacular, also deal with the most urgent problems of our time - inequality, climate change, and the challenges of urbanism. The studio's award-winning body of work spans multiple scales and typologies worldwide. This book showcases 25 exceptional projects - including the Aqua Tower and O'Hare International Airport in Chicago and Solar Carve Tower in New York City - that collectively demonstrate Studio Gang's bold, collaborative, research-based design approach.

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  • Rufus

    Tomi Ungerer

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  • Les Wallpaper* City Guides proposent au voyageur amateur de design, un choix rigoureux des meilleures adresses qu'une ville peut offrir, dans une mise en pages sobre et élégante. Précis et pratiques, ils réunissent toutes les informations nécessaires pour vous faire découvrir de l'intérieur les villes les plus enivrantes du monde. Que vous voyagiez pendant 48 heures ou une semaine, que ce soit pour affaires ou pour le plaisir, nous avons sélectionné pour vous les meilleurs restaurants, bars et hôtels (et les chambres à retenir), les sites et les magasins les plus incroyables, et réalisations les plus séduisantes en matière de design et d'architecture. Nous espérons vous faire sortir des sentiers battus et, quelle que soit la durée de votre séjour, vous donner une réelle perception de la géographie de la ville ainsi que la satisfaction d'avoir vu l'essentiel. En bref, ces guides sont autant de passeports pour découvrir ce qu'il se fait de mieux à travers le monde. Bon voyage!

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  • A spectacular visual biography of the life and work of Le Corbusier - one of the twentieth century's most influential architects A decade after its first publication, the bestselling monograph Le Corbusier Le Grand is finally available in a new paperback edition. Documenting the life and work of one of the giants of twentieth-century architecture and design, the book presents an array of sketches, photographs, and correspondences, charting the vast and varied output of Le Corbusier, an artist who continues to fascinate those inside and outside the architectural world.

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  • Univers est une étude novatrice qui explore ce sujet qui passionne tant, l'astronomie. Les 300 images présentées ont été créées par des hommes ayant tenté de comprendre la beauté et le mystère des étoiles, des planètes et de l'univers, ou qui s'en sont inspirés. Une sélection effectuée avec soin par un comité international de spé cia- listes, organisée pour montrer les similitudes et les différences. L'ouvrage présente des tableaux, photographies, sculptures, animations, gravures, croquis, images numériques et oeuvres emblé- matiques de photographes, d'artistes et d'astro- nomes célèbres ainsi que des créations inédites.

    Dans la lignée des best-sellers Cartes : Explorer le monde et Végétal : Explorer le monde botanique, cet ouvrage plaira autant aux lecteurs férus d'astronomie comme aux fervents amateurs d'espace, de planètes et de galaxies - Une sélection des 300 images provenant du monde entier, associées pour créer des juxtapositions stimulant la curiosité - Des images couvrant des milliers d'années, allant des peintures rupestres et des manuscrits médiévaux à l'art contemporain, la photographie, l'animation et les sites Internet interactifs - Inclut des oeuvres emblématiques réalisées par des artistes et des astronomes de renommée internationale, tels que Copernic, David Malin, Olafur Eliasson, Galilée, Yayoi Kusama, Isaac Newton, Pablo Picasso et Gerhard Richter

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  • Since the samurai battles of the 15th century, Kyoto has avoided confrontation by preserving the old and tolerating the new, which is what makes it so alluring.
    This is a place where mixologists use tea-ceremony techniques to pour a single malt in a bar so minimal you can't see any bottles, and artisans use ancestral methods to make fabric for Lady Gaga's shoes.

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  • The latest instalment of this indispensable survey of contemporary drawing, chosen by the world's leading art experts.

    Over the past 50 years, drawing has been elevated from a supporting role to a primary medium, ranking alongside painting as a central art form.
    Since the publication of Vitamin D (2005) and D2 (2013), contemporary artists have continued to explore drawing's possibilities - from intimate to large-scale works, in a diversity of mark-making processes and materials. Vitamin D3 showcases more than 100 such artists, nominated by more than 70 international art experts.

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  • Carlo Scarpa Nouv.

    Anglais Carlo Scarpa

    Robert Mccarter

    The acclaimed survey of the life and works of the celebrated Italian modernist master, available again in a classic format.

    The work of Carlo Scarpa challenged, and continues to challenge, accepted notions of modern architecture. While several books have been published on his work, none has approached the breadth and depth of this monograph by Robert McCarter, who is celebrated for his meticulously researched, experientially based, and jargon-free accounts of key figures in modern architecture. This book is the definitive study of Scarpa's many accomplishments, including such works at the Canova Museum, the Castelvecchio Museum, and the Brion Cemetery, among others.

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  • A tightly edited, discreetly packaged selection of city highlights for the design-conscious visitor. Each Wallpaper* City Guide unearths the most happening restaurants and nightlife, the buzziest hotels, the most influential art galleries and enticing retail, the very best in local design, and the historical styles and contemporary architecture that define a destination. Local writers have delved deep into the urban psyche to enable you to come away from your trip, however brief, with a real flavour of the creative scene and the satisfaction you've seen all that you should.

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  • By design : the world's best contemporary interior designers Nouv.

    A richly illustrated, authoritative global survey of the best and most creative interior designers and decorators working today.

    Our surroundings are the key to our comfort and happiness, and we're endlessly inspired by the creative professionals that show us how to put a personal stamp on the spaces we inhabit.
    This gorgeous book is a timely, comprehensive showcase of the most exceptional, innovative, and groundbreaking interior designers working today, nominated by an esteemed group of industry experts and thoughtfully curated to demonstrate why the world of interior design continues to raise the bar of creative practice.

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  • Your passport to global style, Wallpaper* City Guides present an insider's checklist of all you need to know about the world's most intoxicating cities. Under slick Pantone covers, these pocket-sized travel bibles unearth the hippest nightlife, the buzziest hotels, the coolest retail, the most influential art galleries and cultural spaces, the best in local design and the contemporary architecture that defines a city.

    Perfectly sized for travel, discreet and easy to use, so you don't feel like a tourist, these books are ideal for either extended breaks or business trips. They are rigorously researched, and curated by an extensive network of experts, from in-house editors to in-the-know local correspondents. The series now covers more than 100 dynamic destinations.

    /> - Focus on architecture, design, luxury and style.
    - 55 stunning original colour photographs.
    - A unique barometer of the contemporary scene.
    - Eight main chapters with 11,000 words of insight.
    - A map colour-coded by the hippest neighbourhoods.

    Published November 2018.

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  • The groundbreaking sculptor's most comprehensive monograph to date.

    Jean-Michel Othoniel is an artist who creates sculptures that explore themes of fragility, transformation, and ephemerality. Using the repetition of such modular elements as bricks or beads, his work deploys various strategies that hint at loss and despair - cracks in his objects' perfect surfaces, negative spaces and, early in his career, transient materials such as sulfur. The most authoritative study of the artist's work to date, it includes intimate gallery pieces as well as monumental public commissions around the world.

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  • Nike : better is temporary Nouv.

    At Nike, the desire to be the best is a journey, not a destination-better is always temporary.
    Nike: Better is Temporary is a landmark publication that charts Nike's transformation from rebellious upstart to global phenomenon.
    This immersive visual survey offers an unprecedented, behind-the-scenes exploration into Nike's ethos-driven design formula, placing industry-defining innovations and globally recognized products alongside previously unpublished designs, prototypes, insider stories, and more.
    Beginning with "Breaking2," an introduction detailing Nike's 2017 attempt to facilitate a sub-two-hour marathon, the book lays out in five thematic chapters Nike's focus on performance, brand expression, collaboration, inclusive design, and sustainability.
    The book's extraordinary design also nods to its contents. The striking cover features overlapping silkscreened layers of Nike's proprietary Volt yellow and Hyperpunch pink colors overlaying an image of world-champion marathoner Eliud Kipchoge printed in a half-tone dot pattern. The book's spine, visible through the clear jacket, showcases a series of colored tabs that extend from its interior pages.
    Combining 500 color illustrations with stories, insights, knowledge, passion, and history shared by Nike's remarkable team, Nike: Better is Temporary will serve as a manual of innovation and inspiration for generations to come.

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  • An inspiring collection of the extraordinary private spaces of 250 of the world's most creative people, past and present.

    Life Meets Art is an unparalleled behind-thescenes tour of some of the most fascinating, inspirational and unique home interiors in the world. The living spaces of hundreds of the globe's most talented people in the spheres of art, design, fashion, literature, music, and fi lm, here provide inspiration for anyone fascinated by stylish living, creative interior design and the myriad possibilities for home decor. It's a fascinating glimpse into the homes of some of the greatest creatives in history - painters, sculptors, novelists, poets, fashion designers, composers, musicians, architects, and more.

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  • An important and fascinating collection of original projects by unique thinkers in the world of architecture and spatial design.

    Architectural practice today goes far beyond the design and construction of buildings - the most exciting, forward-thinking architecture is also found in digital landscapes, art, apps, films, installations, and virtual reality. This remarkable book features projects - surprising, beautiful, outrageous, and sometimes even frightening - that break rules and shatter boundaries. In this timely book, the work of award-winning architects, designers, artists, photographers, writers, filmmakers, and researchers - all of whom synthesize and reflect our spatial environments - comes together for the first time.

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  • Much of the attraction of Porto derives simply from the picturesque manner in which its granite houses cluster on the steep terrain. Now, though, an active arts and student scene has revitalized the city. It retains an old-world community spirit, but a new wave of architects, designers, and restaurateurs are keeping it well in sync with contemporary Europe.

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  • A comprehensive exploration of the life and works of French ceramicist Adrien Dalpayrat.

    Adrien Dalpayrat was one of the most highly regarded ceramicists working in France in the late nineteenth century. Dalpayrat's recognition came relatively late in life, at age 45, when he first revealed the distinctive oxblood glazes for which he was best known, along with the variety of stoneware forms he employed - everything from gourds to fantastical marine creatures. Here for the first time, architect Peter Marino shares his collection of Dalpayrat masterpieces, each beautifully reproduced in a luxurious oversized format.

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  • An essential and compelling exploration of the design, history, and culture of the motorcycle - an icon of the machine age.

    Motorcycles are ubiquitous in the world's streets and cities, evolving over decades in engineering and design to meet individual transportation needs. With the coming demise of the internal combustion engine and the rise of electricpowered vehicles, motorcycle design is being revolutionized by new technologies, the demands of climate change, and global social transformation. The Motorcycle: Desire, Art, Design traces the exciting evolution of this automotive icon - and the culture of desire, freedom, and rebellion that surrounds it.

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  • One of the world's great cultural capitals is known for its relentless energy and an irrepressible creative buzz. It's not unusual for a casual visitor to end up as a resident, and these new Berliners open galleries, studios, and shops in underused spaces. The cheap rents have started to climb, but this simply pushes the hipsters into one upcoming area after another.

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