Adam Rubin


    B>b>From the mega-bestselling author of /b>b>Dragons Love Tacos/b>b> and the mega-bestselling illustrator of /b>b>The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors/b>b>, comes this hilarious new picture book about an irresistible chicken who unexpectedly finds herself on an epic journey during Ancient Times./b>/b>br>br>Gladys the chicken must be magic. After all, for everyone who encounters her, a wish is granted. The Shepherd Boy wishes to be beautiful, the Brave Swordsman wishes to join the Royal Guard, the Purple Pooh-bah wishes for his only daughter to be happy, and the Learned Princess wishes to escape the palace. And one by one, each of these wishes comes true. But . . . is Gladys really magic? Or is everyone making their own fortune? Either way, it adds up to one heck of an adventure for a chicken named Gladys. Blending a classic storybook feel with a thoroughly modern sense of humor, this side-splitting read aloud is perfect for anyone who wishes to see magic in the world--even if they are only looking at a chicken.

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  • Peux-tu garder un secret?
    D'accord, approche-toi un peu.
    Vois-tu, Raton aime la pizza dégoulinante de fromage et de sauce tomate plus que tout au monde, mais les gens le chassent toujours à grands coups de balai dès qu'il s'approche de leur pizza.
    La seule solution c'est de lui préparer un...
    Chut! C'est un secret!
    En fait, tu devrais probablement oublier ce que je viens de te dire.
    Non, personne ici ne prépare de party de pizza secret...
    Tu n'es pas allé raconter ça à tous tes amis, n'est-ce pas?
    Oh non!...